Why good things fall apart?

At some points in my life, I thought it was a big lost when someone important left me but whenever I looked back at it, I always felt grateful for that since it has made a better me from times to times, and always feel grateful for I’m not with the one who doesn’t want to try best to have me in his life.

Of course hurt is inevitable, but luckily my faith in love is still here & bigger days by days. Since the later is always better, the future is always brighter and thanks for letting me have many chances to meet nicer people in life.

So thanks Exes who taught me that love is not enough and I don’t have any super power to be able to change a man. That’s why I need to make a very good decision at the beginning & never compromise the core things two need to share the same in life. Thanks for coming to my life in the great unexpected way. Thanks for all the feelings that I would never forget. Thanks for making my heartbeats fast which is a very nice feeling. Thanks for all moments We shared, thanks for your advice in life. And thanks for  keeping confirming my first lesson in love: love is not enough.

Thanks for all including ones I haven’t listed the name above, you guys just made me love myself more, opened my knowledge at work & life, to be more sensible, patient & lovely.

To the later ones, don’t be sad as you’re not the 1st one. Let’s say thank you to the sooner ones since they had big contribution on the girl you have feelings with at the moment.

“Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” In this dramatic life, staying positive is a must, just like staying beautiful.

And I’m still on my way to fall for better man one day.

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