Keep faith

“Image that universe is water, and you will flow into it”Open your mind & your arm to ask for direction and you will get the answer then.

If you believe in it, let’s do it with all your heart & spirit…

The biggest fear to me now is not able to learn & grow days by days. Because even I’m still there, the world moves on. And my time is really limited.

I will decide to stay if there’re things that I can learn and move if there’re not. I will take the last chance to see if things can be better or not. 

There’re many choices I can make now and I chose persistence. That’s why I should go to the end of this decision. As my own experiences, things are often better after hard time, like the rainbow appears after the rain and the sun rises in the morning after the night. 

Stay thirsty, stay foolish… Play the game with your braveness & kindness as you always do.

The future is brighter anyways.


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