Vẫn có những ngày trời đẹp như thơ

Vẫn có những buổi sáng đẹp trời, ngồi ở một góc cà phê nhỏ, nghe những câu chuyện phím chẳng đầu chẳng đuôi, chẳng cần sâu sắc, ngẩng mặt lên thấy 2 em chó mặt mắc cười xung quanh, cảm thấy thật nhẹ nhàng dễ chịu.

Có những ngày dọn dẹp nhà sạch sẽ thơm tho, đi chợ một túi đồ ăn tươi lành ngon sạch, vào bếp nấu món đặc sản miền Trung, mời 2 đứa em qua ăn và nhìn nó chén sạch ngon lành, đưa hẳn 4 bát cơm. Bỗng cảm thấy hạnh phúc đâu đó triền miên, gác lại muộn phiền.

Cuộc đời có những ngày phức tạp, gồng gánh đủ điều. Bỗng một ngày ốm nặng đầu óc quay cuồng, nằm trên giường cả ngày không dậy nổi, quyết định bỏ hết nghìn công việc trong calendar, làm một con bánh bèo đúng nghĩa, nông cạn cho rồi, cứ vui trước, khôn dại gì tính sau…

Mình nghĩ người yêu mình sau này sẽ rất sướng, vì khi giận mình sẽ không càm ràm mà đi dọn dẹp, quăng đồ bớt đi, sau đó lại vào bếp nấu cơm nghe nhạc, nấu xong mâm cơm là trút bỏ muộn phiền, và vì mình nấu ngon quá nên chúng mình phải làm hoà để ăn chung 🤣

Mình cũng thôi không còn muốn tranh đấu, vì nghe từ đó có vẻ nặng nề. Mình muốn cùng nhau cố gắng, nhẹ nhàng hoá mọi thứ trên đời. Vì khoảnh khắc là thứ duy nhất tồn tại, hiện tại cũng chính là những gì chúng mình có. Có ai đó cùng mình, sẵn sàng đi qua những ngày dở người, cũng cùng mình ăn cùng bữa cơm, tối về ôm nhau một cái chúc ngủ ngon, nói chuyện trên trời dưới biển, sâu sắc nhảm nhí đều kinh qua, lúc cãi nhau đều suy nghĩ chín chắn không nói lời tổn thương, cùng lồng lộn đi ăn fine dining, cũng dép lào ngồi húp súp cua vỉa hè,… Ngày qua tháng, chân thành tò mò về nhau…

Vì đúng hay sai cuối cùng cũng không quan trọng, quan trọng là mình có vui không với tất cả đúng sai. Nên giữa đời ngổn ngang, chỉ mong mình dịu dàng, rồi sẽ có sắp xếp thỏa đáng mà thôi. 🥰


“I can not blame on destiny because of my choices”, this idea enlightened me in the middle of the day, just like a slap in my face haha.

I keep wondering why it has been hard for me recently to find a guy who is not “emotional unavailable” to date. I guess this kind of same patterns led me to a big question about my choices… It was not because no one wanted to being serious with me during my single time, but all of that kind of serious requests have been rejected by me because I was not ready. Against those rejections, I have been started opposite kind of relationships with some adventurous challenges, such as long distance, or soon to be long distance with the spirit “nothing easy is sustainable, keep chasing the high” and we all ended up in an explicably inexplicable way.

It has not been easy for me to figure out the root cores & face to those tough answers. I kept questioning myself a lot after every weird endings & started finding out the problems with the helps from my beloved ones & Universe. As you perceived the problems, you would find out proper solutions, for not being broken at the same place. It is tough to draw up the very first lines about those lessons but I guess there’s no other better way for me to manifest below truths.

Lesson 1. “Find someone who has the same values – and values will be defined through actions”

I was cheated in my first relationship. We have been together for not a short time, but at the beginning we had different life values, I just prioritized my emotions at that time with the hope that I could changed a person by my sincerity & efforts but obviously I could never do that.

Values of a person are sustainable & hardly wavering. Plus they will be revealed by actions, even the smallest ones. I think true reasons behind the mundane circumstances which led to many separations must be because of not sharing the same values, even in tiny daily actions. You need to be subtle enough to observe those.. When we were together, my first boy friend often told with his friend he was at class or somewhere else on phone while hanging out with me, I did not notice it at first since it was just small thing…Eventually I was cheated haha.

In next relationship, at first night we were together, I was asking my Ex-boyfriend if he had a lot of money, he would like to invest on bitcoin to earn more or invest on a school for children in remote areas, he chose the later. So far, in my past relationship, we shared a lot of things in common, our personalities are different but our decisions often came to the same thing since we decided based on our values. We still respect our relationship and each other until now. But the reason for this separation, it will be on another story…

Lesson 2. “You will have what you are seeking for”

On Bumble, I put “Don’t know yet” for what I’m looking for. All those “Don’t know yet” on there, just another term to define something like: “I’m so bored, I’m lonely sometimes, maybe we can hang out in order to fill up those things”. You filled them up with your boredom at first, you could not expect them to prioritize you later. You filled them up with your emptiness after the separation, you would not have a choice to get a full dedication. It’s fair enough. Your mind leads your way, the people you choose to be with are good reflections about yourself. Like most of guys I met on Bumble are nice, they’re just simply “emotional unavailable”. If I could recommend what they put on their profiles, I think they would be better to set “just looking for casual things” than an ambiguous status which at the end would lead us to confusions. You could not develop a romantic relationship then pushed the other away for your own fear of commitment. Of course we can not commit through a few times meet up but again your mind leads your way… In my past relationship, we did not expect to develop it to a serious one since we were ocean apart. But we just enjoyed every moments and built it up without needless worries of future which happened to make a very mature & happy relationship later.

First action I just took: set aside those choices, deleted my account until I know what I want to have, in order not to waste my time & the others’…

Lesson 3. Be kind but keep your standards high – don’t lower the bars

I’m sweet obviously but I’m firm & tough at the same time. I try to be nice and kind and really understanding in every situations. From the lessons about ego in the past, I always put myself in their state and try to sympathy as much as possible but it does not mean I am easy-going. I will not hang out with people who do not respect my time, my values, and myself even they are super intelligent, good – looking and very successful,… Don’t compromise, especially something related to values because when you go against your values, you will be in doubts.

Setting boundaries is not easy since sometimes you will be disturbed by your emotions but trust me, it always comes to good result. As a human, connection is vital. But as a human, relationship to yourself is the most important one. Standards are something in order to help us on drawing many border lines for our values not to be touched in the wrong way.

Lesson 4. Trust your instinct

Growing old with fears from the past, I have filtered everything with logics but forgot to put “emotions” in my standard. I avoided some tough but necessary conversations related to “emotional availability” since I think I am not ready for those yet. However, what you feel at the end of the day is crucial. So now emotion should be included in the standards and I should just relax & trust my instincts.

Lesson 5. The most important lesson – Let’s learn how to love yourself completely before everything.

I used to give my best for the others and I think love is just about giving. Until it came to a point that I realized it did not work that way. The stress is not from the one who is giving but also from the one who is getting it. I wanted to get more excitements from unreachable challenges and tried to send out more just because I did not feel enough. If I felt enough with myself and could drive all the intentions to the Now, no worries for future, no regrets for the past, I would not have either any needs for fulfill inside emptiness or the pressure of “give to gain”.

My friend told me something like this this morning: “Just because we are looking for a deep love, it does not mean we are ready for it”. Everyday we should say to ourselves that we are ready & relax, observe ourselves, slowly Universe will show us the right way, to the people we need to meet.

Finally everything in your life will come from yourself & your attraction. I think this is the way I’m getting ready for a deep love by getting myself complete as a whole then make better choices. Eventually, we will be deliriously happy.


It is just on another super lonely night with a weary mind. I woke up in the middle of night after drinking so much and thought about things, suddenly tears dropped, in the silence & darkness, I put my arms around myself, let all that sadness go through my body, continued crying quietly.

I’m always a sensitive person but so tough & independent that I can hide that sensitivity so well. Eventually, the concealed feelings will come up at some nights which I need to face, again and again. The more I’m getting older, the harder it is for me to share about my deepest insecurities & true emotions towards something or someone. It has been tough for me during this half of the year questioning myself a thousand challenging questions to the deepest layers until I figured out the proper & thoughtful answers. Whenever I found one, I cried myself at least 30 minutes. I just felt that my little body always bears a lot of burdens, a lot of pressures which are not 100% necessary. The person who looks like so independent & happy most of the time is super lonely occasionally. She needs someone to lean on but acts cool all the time. I laughed at myself for that kind of thinking in my mind, quite often.

But when all things have been brought out to the light, I started to accept them as a part of myself, could not deny, could not cover. I have been practicing to notice all the feelings coming up, either bad & good ones. I just leave them there without judgements. And negativity comes to me less often in an amazing way. The realization of all the troubles often come from the past or self expectation for future & external things that I can not control is such a good lesson for me to put all needless worries down. Along with that, Yoga has come to me as a help from Universe, in order to help me to connect with my body, my breath, my own cells and naturally helps my mind also…

Those lines in a book I’m reading can describe my lessons deeply & righteously:

“There are cycles of success, when things come to you and thrive, and cycles of failure, when they wither or disintegrate and you have to let them go in order to make room for new things to arise, or for transformation to happen. If you cling & resist at that point, it means you are refusing to go with the flow of life, and you will suffer. It is not true that the up cycle is good & the down cycle bad, except in the mind’s judgement. Growth is always considered positive, but nothing can grow forever. If growth, in whatever kind, is to go on & on, it would eventually become monstrous & destructive. Dissolution is needed for new growth to happen. One can not exist without the other.”

Life is not all about thriving. Letting go is an important part of growing. Improvement will come with acceptance. Half of the year has passed, just for me to learn about accepting the weakest parts of me & taking care of myself gently.

At the moment, I’m crying, but I guess those are good drops. I need to let all the sadness go in a gentle way, like either my piece of writing or my heart… ❤


A crazy week has been passed with intense workloads & no days off. Finally I found some actual “me time” for clarity by writing, with the twinkling lights by my window & the sounds of rain mixed with light piano from my Macbook and my own homemade coffee.

Such a long time I haven’t been using Grabbike to go home under the rain and that was definitely a good experience. Feeling the rain, feeling the city lights during the way home is indeed an effective treatment to let all pressures go… Today is not a relaxing Sunday but very remarkable. This morning, the most special Yoga session has been happened since I needed to stop working on it in order to check out urgent stuffs at work. My Yoga teacher did wait for me for another 20 minutes & later suggested us to stop this one here… He told me that he understood what I was facing to, with all of those stuffs, it’s time for me to easily get hurt, so we have should finished it today and he would like to buy a coffee for me, I was better to take care of myself & get thing done, just once step at a time… Such a blessing that I have met so many people in the world who, in an inexplicable way, have taught me best lessons by their patience.

I’ve myself been thinking luckily I’m a good learner & listener. One of the best lessons I’ve learnt so far is that things just take time to work out together with self improvement which is put in mind once more time today. Maybe we have been put under some life situations, just to get the lessons we should get… Some people might leave yet the lessons. The problems we got today might not be the problems tomorrow, problems are not actually problems, pains are not truly pains… Rushing means nothing sometimes. Delusion of the result have made us so heavy, also the external stuffs we’re unconsciously getting all the way… Things will happen at the right time, right person comes at the right time also. So what is right time?

In a few minutes that I could rest today, I was reading those highlight contents in the book:

“Listen to the silence underneath the sounds. Touch something, anything and feel and acknowledge its Being. Observe the rhythm of your breathing; feel the air flowing in and out, feel the life energy inside your body. Allow everything to be, within and without.

Allow the “isness” of all things. Move deeply into the Now. You’re leaving behind the deadening world of mental abstraction, of time. You are getting out of the insane mind that is draining you of life energy, just as it is slowly poisoning and destroying the Earth. You are awakening out of the dream of time into present.”

Eventually it’s the time when you’re ready to get the lessons, by meeting some people or facing the events. The Universe within yourself has been growing everyday and the colossal Universe outside manifests the lessons for you at the right time. The simple answer I get: right time is right Now. Spring is right Now. We do not have anything out of Now. Enjoy the Now, the everyday spring. Put down all delusions of psychological time, enjoy the journey, the grasses will grow by itself…


Rainy season is always something I want to tell about Saigon that always brings up the nostalgic feeling. All the wet roads, the flood, the thunder sounds, the fast pour, the hot “Pho” smell & smoke from the street food stalls, just in a few seconds, could retrieve all the best & saddest memories.

At that corner, there’s someone used to fly back ten thousands miles to keep the umbrella for me under the rain. On the rooftop of a restaurant, there’s someone told me I was the prettiest. I did not expect all would last till the end, however, it was not easy to put all those things down when I needed to let them go.

Until I realized during the rain, I did enjoy either all the moments we have been through or all the tastes it left. At the end the rain will stop, the rainbow even comes out sometimes. Not only the rain from the sky, it is also the one within my heart & soul. And I start feeling grateful for the past rain & the upcoming vivid colors on the sky arising together with my “grown soul”.

I was always reaching out for the higher cloud or a spark in the galaxy… I was always thinking that difficulties make it worthy. Those things are stuck in my subconscious mind based on what I run through to achieve in the past. I have been taught “give to gain”. However, life is not always like that, uptight stuffs are not always essential. Maybe you can gain by giving out, but only right things to right people. The pressure does not only come from the giver, but also the taker. All the explicit lessons have been pointed out straightaway when I was looking for the answer on this knot by all beloved companions that I’m lucky to have.

Tonight, a Sunday night, after a heavy rain, I was making myself a good coffee with the twinkling lights by the window on, I was randomly opening a page in my favorite poems, it was written:

“I do not want to have you

to fill the empty parts of me

I want to be full on my own

I want to be so complete

I could light a whole city

and then

I want to have you

cause the two of us combined

could set it on fire”

That part of the book, coincidently is the part I have been practicing those days. I have begun focusing on myself, getting my own higher cloud platform by my own speed & breath. I have been practicing to notice my own emotion, in order to filter & embrace the weaknesses, and slowly fill them up with good vibes. The busy schedule, the pressure at work, the social standards have been set aside for me to observe my own insecurity, expectation & ego. The struggles come along with the practice. But persistence is always the key for winning.

Let me love myself completely, along with a shimmering light I might already meet or am gonna bump into one day. Thanks for sending me a beautiful message tonight. Please the Universe, show me a way for both of us combined to light up our life, independently & together… I’m here listening and ready to shine…


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Mình cuối cùng, mong rằng sau những khó khăn dù đã trải qua hay sắp trải qua, mình vẫn luôn giữ được nhiệt huyết & tìm cách giữ được nhiệt huyết và niềm vui trong công việc mỗi ngày, cũng như giữ vững giá trị bản thân và một trái tim dịu dàng hết mực. Mình cuối cùng, mong rằng bản thân sẽ luôn can đảm, chân thành, kiên trì học hỏi và luôn quan tâm tới những người mình yêu thương. Hy vọng rằng, sóng gió ở nơi đâu cũng đừng trôi dạt những điều đó, và mình luôn tỉnh táo, khôn ngoan đủ để không đi quá xa. Hy vọng mỗi tháng 4 nhìn lại, trái tim mình vẫn lấp lánh & đầy tin yêu với cuộc đời, như sự mơ mộng mình luôn giữ, là nữ chính của một bộ phim hài lãng mạn, vì sẽ luôn có kết thúc đẹp trong niềm vui, sự hài hước & tình yêu 🙂

What happened when I stopped trying?

It was such a nice Sunday in Quang Binh when I woke up after a nice sleep, took a ride with the bicycle to buy Banh mi & played with the cute kid at homestay. After that, I was heading to coffeeshop with so much tranquility to just read book & enjoy me time.

This trip was much greater than what I expected since I brought so many experiences than those recent biz trips. For such 4 years I have been traveling across the country, talking with so many people from different regions in order to understand their consumption behaviors & find the opportunity for us to tap into, I’ve found so many interesting truths. But more than all the business purposes I got, the best thing I achieved is the bigger love, the empathy to people in my country, the desire to make it grow better & the experiences to the unexpected kindness which keeps my passion as a Marketer for a Vietnamese brand on.

I haven’t been to Quang Binh before, I save a big room in my heart for Hoi An where I’ve spent time with a lot of special people, also on my own. But this trip made me rethink again, when my heart stayed with Quang Binh. A hospitality of people, the spectacular caves, the decent tastes of local foods… which made me leave all my daily worries behind.

I just had enough time for myself, alone with the nice component of everything, friendly & honest people around, the impressive nature, the nice walk at night without being scared of any dangers…

It’s totally different from high feelings I get from a hard party until midnight in Saigon, or a guy who made my feeling like roller coaster, or simply just a compliment from an agency… During that time, doubt, uncertainty, desire to develop another long distanced relationship, pressure at work, stress for things I want in the future,… everything just came out clearly. And the good part that I’m learning is how to embrace those, not chasing the high to hide them as normal. I mean it’s a bundle of choices that I myself picked, I mean they’re things that I should have responsibilities with. I think everything will fall into line when I stop thinking so much & taking actions & more than that, accepting the pain that my own decisions could lead me to.

This year might be a tough year for me, in everything. I started the year with an empty & broken heart after separating with J. I meant it did hurt a lot. I tried to cover the pain through working hard, cover my feelings with a cool face, hide my own hurt by answering him that I was doing okay & stay positive all the time. However, there’re several nights I was crying like a baby in the darkness asking myself what I did to the relationship I respected a lot, what I did to let him go, what we did to stop all the efforts to build it up from 2 different continents during 1 amazing year. Until I stopped trying & started accepting… I accepted that it ended, and it is the decision from both of us. I accepted that I still loved him when we broke up. I accepted that the hurt is here, inside my heart. I accepted that it took more time than I think to get over our love story. I accepted that we couldn’t get back where we started but this love left me with the best memories, the honest hearts of two people until the end of the story, the mistakes that I could improve on,…The acceptance comes along with the improvement. I’ve spent time for myself, building back reading hobbies, doing more journals for reflection, meeting more people who I can learn from, and no more speed dating which leads me to confusions and doubts about myself.

During the reflection, I also learned how work affected my personal life. It’s a tough year with a new role, with heavy pressure for performance to get to another position and I don’t know how to set boundaries to have my own life…

Then I start learning & practicing about boundaries setting to everything, about saying No instead of fuck Yes, about respecting the values I follow & saying No to the others… It sounds easy to speak but it’s not easy to do because you need to accept yourself limitation, your flaws, your mistakes. You need to narrow down the actions to take once step at a time, you need to accept that you don’t have it all. And for a person who always puts a lot of pressures on herself, it’s obviously so hard to take those…

While I follow things, it seems that I don’t get those but just get the pressure or the delusion of the ending results. But when I start following the small steps to the ending result & the moments I’m living in, everything starts to change.

I understand moments are everything for quite long time. But the comprehension about the moments I’m willing to suffer for,not just enjoying with… just has begun.

I also know it’s a long run to understand everything, but the most important point is that I’m taking small steps right now. When I stopped trying so hard…

Why good things fall apart?

At some points in my life, I thought it was a big lost when someone important left me but whenever I looked back at it, I always felt grateful for that since it has made a better me from times to times, and always feel grateful for I’m not with the one who doesn’t want to try best to have me in his life.

Of course hurt is inevitable, but luckily my faith in love is still here & bigger days by days. Since the later is always better, the future is always brighter and thanks for letting me have many chances to meet nicer people in life.

So thanks Exes who taught me that love is not enough and I don’t have any super power to be able to change a man. That’s why I need to make a very good decision at the beginning & never compromise the core things two need to share the same in life. Thanks for coming to my life in the great unexpected way. Thanks for all the feelings that I would never forget. Thanks for making my heartbeats fast which is a very nice feeling. Thanks for all moments We shared, thanks for your advice in life. And thanks for  keeping confirming my first lesson in love: love is not enough.

Thanks for all including ones I haven’t listed the name above, you guys just made me love myself more, opened my knowledge at work & life, to be more sensible, patient & lovely.

To the later ones, don’t be sad as you’re not the 1st one. Let’s say thank you to the sooner ones since they had big contribution on the girl you have feelings with at the moment.

“Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” In this dramatic life, staying positive is a must, just like staying beautiful.

And I’m still on my way to fall for better man one day.